Dog and Cat Registration

Everyone must register their dogs and cats by January 1.

Under municipal by-law, all dogs and cats older than eight weeks must be licensed in the City of Greater Sudbury by January 1. There is no late charge for new pets licensed within seven days of adoption. The fine for having an unlicensed dog or cat is $125 per pet.

Pet Licensing Fees:

  • Reunite lost dogs and cats with their families.
  • Provide food, shelter and care for lost pets.
  • Support the adoption of unclaimed pets.
  • Help resolve nuisance animal complaints.

Go to for a full list of services provided by Rainbow District Animal Control and Shelter Services.

Annual Registration of Dogs and Cats:

  • Regular Tag: $30
  • Spayed/Neutered Dog or Cat: $15
  • Older Adult Discount (55 years plus): $15
  • After January 31*: A $10 late charge applies to regular, spayed/neutered and older adult fees.
  • After October 31**: $15 (partial year)
  • No charge for Service Dogs.

*No late charge for tags purchased within seven days of acquiring a new dog or cat or within seven days of becoming a new resident of the City of Greater Sudbury.

**For residents new to the City of Greater Sudbury as of October 1 or later and/or pets reaching 8 weeks of age after October 1.

Visa and MasterCard are accepted for online applications. Your pet tag(s) will be mailed to you once your payment is received.

You can register and pick up your pet tag in person at Greater Sudbury Public Libraries, Rainbow District Animal Control and Shelter Services, and at participating pet stores and veterinary clinics. A complete list of distributors is available here.

Please note that Pet Registration fees are non-refundable once paid.

Information to have on hand when registering your dog or cat:

  • date of birth of your pet or an approximation
  • when you acquired your pet
  • if your pet is micro-chipped or tattooed, the chip or tattoo number
  • name of your veterinary clinic
  • whether vaccination for rabies is up-to-date
  • when replacing a lost tag, the tag number or if you do not know the tag number, please call 705-673-3647 for assistance.

Register your pet online using the following options: